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American Idol

ok, so it was very obvious on Tuesday night who the producers and judges wanted to win.  Its just little things I noticed.  No matter what Kat sings, the judges crticize her.  But no matter what taylor sings its "that wasnt your best performance, but you rocked it out!" wtf!  I was so offended after he sang his last song and simon said that he just won the competition (which i knew was coming) and Paula and Randy both got really excited and shouted "i told you so" and "we were the ones who wanted him in the competition", that is not fair to Kat at all.  Also (and I know this doesnt mean much) but during their final song, the choir came out at the very end of Kat's song leaving her to try to sing the horrible song they gave her to sing (but she did still sound good) by herself most of the time, but during Taylors performance, the choir came out more towards the beginning and he sang most of his with them.  I dont know, just didnt seem right to me....

So taylor wins and I get to hear one last shout out to the soul patrol..  actually it was more like SSSSSOOOOOUUUUULLLLLLL PPPPPPPAAAAATTTTTRRRRROOOOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God damnit.  The only real reason I watched is to see Ace again *sigh*  My dear ace, I missed you!   If only you would have sounded that good during the show, you would have been in the finale and it would have been a whole week full of ace.  


I think I got dumber watching Kellie Pickler and Wolfgang puck., most of it was just a complete waste of my time.  I loved the group songs that, especially the Burt Bacharach medly!!!  Ace sang "the look of love" and I loved it.  I cant hardly wait to hold you either, Ace.  I missed him, can you tell? LOL  I had to get some enjoyment out of the extremely disappointing finale :-P

I didnt like Clay Aikens hair either =\
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