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June 27, 2006

1. Moves - Due late 2006 - Jennifer Lopez produced this series which follows six young dancers as they work to achieve their dreams in the competitive world of dancing.
2. Untitled Rolling Stone magazine project - Date TBA - College journalism students compete to win a one year staff position with the magazine.
3. Twentyfourseven - Due late 2006 - Seven friends try to break into the entertainment business in Hollywood. Modeled after "Entourage" and shot in a "Laguna Beach" style.
4. Juvies - Tentatively due 8/15/06 - Focuses on first-time teenage offenders in an Indiana correctional facility.
5. Two-A-Days - Tentatively due 8/13/06 - Follows highly rated high school football team as they chase the state championship.
6. Bad Dads, Phat Mums - Date TBA - Two people compete for a chance to remake their favorite music video that one of their parents must star in.
7. Rob & Big Black - Due Fall 2006 - Follows a professional skateboarder and his bestfriend/bodyguard. From the producers of "Jackass."
8. MTV is also developing a talent show.

9. Dirty Dancing: Living the Dream - Tentatively due 12/6/06 - Thirty women under the instruction of six professional male dancers compete for a chance to perform in a stage show based on the movie.
10. Designer to the Stars - Due Fall 2006 - Follows interior designer Kari Whitman, highlighting stars such as Jessica Alba, Virginia Madsen, and Kristen Bell, as their houses are redesigned.
11. Hair Trauma -- Due March 2007 - Go inside Ellin LaVar’s full service Manhattan salon.
12. Bling! - Due Fall 2006 - This show follows women shopping for the most incredibly expensive jewelry around.
13. Rebel Gucci - Due October 2006 - Gucci empire heiress Gemma Gucci begins her journey as a designer.

14. Driving Force - Due 7/17/06 - Portrays the racing life of the Force family following legendary driver John Force, his 22-year old daughter and new racing sensation Ashley and her racing sisters Courtney and Brittany.
15. Gene Simmons Family Jewels - Due 8/7/06 - Similar to "The Osbournes" but with Gene Simmons and his family.
16. Big Spender - Due late 2006 - Experts help to change the financial habits of over-spenders who splurge on everything.
17. Sons of Hollywood - Due Fall 2006 - Second-generation Hollywood sons trying to reach fame. Includes Randy Spelling (Aaron's son), and Rod Stewart's son, Sean.
18. Out There - Due Fall 2006 - Students in a Penn State club investigate paranormal occurrences.
19. Kings of South Beach - Due Fall 2006 - Follows Miami club owner Chris Paciello’s story.
20. Dirty Work - Due late 2006 - Tamar Elhayani helps families get on their knees and clean the dirtiest locations in their homes.

21. The Bad Girls Club - Due December 2006 - Inspired by viewers’ obsession with "Real World" girls behaving badly, this show follows a group of “bad girls” living together who promise to change their devilish ways.
22. Untitled Relationship Show - Date TBA - An expert will aid someone in changing their life.

23. My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding - Due in Fall 2006 - Similar to MTV’s "My Sweet Sixteen" but with weddings over $500,000.
24. The White Rapper Show - Due in early 2007 - White rappers compete in the South Bronx for respect and a chance at a $100,000.
25. The Agency - Due 4Q06 - VH1 teams up with the Wilhelmina Agency to follow the booking agents behind some of the biggest models in the world.
26. Ice-T’s Rap School - Due September 2006 - Ice-T enters a Connecticut prep school to turn students into rappers.
27. The Surreal Life: Fame Games - Due Fall 2006 - An all-star elimination edition of "The Surreal Life" that will feature previous cast members competing in challenges for a $100,000 prize. Hosted by former "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" host Robin Leach, the all-stars list includes: Emmanuel Lewis, Ron Jeremy, Traci Bingham, Vanilla Ice, Brigitte Nielsen, Chyna Doll, Sandra "Pepa" Denton and C.C. DeVille.
28. Surreal Life 8 - Date TBD - Cast to include: Randy “Macho Man” Savage, poker player Phil Hellmuth, Peter Steele of the band Type O Negative and playmate Tina Jordan. Other rumored cast includes Carrot Top, a member of Blue Man Group, and actor Dabney Coleman.
29. VH1 is also developing a reality show with Nicole Ritchie and her father Lionel.

30. The Carters - Due Fall 2006 - Aaron and Backstreet Boy brother Nick Carter team up with their three sisters in hopes to bring the five siblings closer.

31. Reconnection - Date TBD -This series gives participants the opportunity to confront and reconnect with family members who have disowned them based on their sexuality.

32. One Ocean View - Due 7/31/06 - Follows a group of New Yorkers during their weekends in a summer house on New York’s Fire Island - described as "The Real World" meets "Laguna Beach" for adults.
33. Dancing with the Stars 3 - Due in mid September - Mario Lopez and Vivica A. Fox have signed on.
34. Just for Laughs - Midseason 2007 - Successful Canadian candid camera comes to American television.
35. Wake-up Call - Midseason 2007 - Author Greg Behrendts (He’s Just Not That Into You) addresses couples problems and tries to bandage the relationships using his expertise.
36. The One: Making a Music Star - Due 7/18/06 - Based on the international sensation, the series will follow the lives of contestants as they attend a fully functioning music academy that turns aspiring singers into music stars through professional training. Similar to American Idol and created by Endemol.
37. Set For The Rest Of Your Life - Tuesdays, Midseason 2007 - In this game show with a relationship twist, contestants play for the opportunity to receive a monthly check in an undisclosed amount for the rest of his or her lives.

38. The Ultimate Moocher - Date TBA - The show looks to “demooch” those who freeload off of friends/family.
39. Would Have - Date TBA - Guests look to reunite with old friends, lovers, war buddies, etc.

40. Untitled Pussycat Dolls Project - Due Fall 2006 - Unscripted series based around the best-selling girl group "The Pussycat Dolls." Producer/director McG is shopping the idea.

41. HBO is developing an untitled reality "Sex and the City" capturing the lives of women within an undecided big city. Produced by Amy Harris, former Sex and the City writer/producer.

42. Finding Miss America - Date TBD - This series follows the 52 Miss America finalists through the preliminary competitions prior to the 2007 Miss America Pageant. It will air in the days leading up to the two hour Pageant Finals, which are scheduled to premiere live in first quarter 2007 on CMT.

43. Show Me the Money - Due Fall 2006 - An Endemol game show where the prize money increases or decreases based on an uncontrollable mechanism.
44. On the Lot - Midseason 2007 - Produced by Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett, aspiring young filmmakers compete for a development deal at DreamWorks Studio.

TV Guide Channel
45. Trapped In TV Guide - Due 8/4/06 - This hidden camera show watches how regular people react as they are "trapped" in some of the funniest, most unforgettable scenes from television classics and current hits such as "Seinfeld," "Desperate Housewives," "The X-Files" and "I Love Lucy."

Fox Reality Channel
46. My Bare Lady - Due Fall 2006 - Four U.S. porn stars learn how to act in London on renowned West End stage.

47. Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance - Due 8/13/06 - Television’s only full-figured beauty competition returns in July ‘06.
48. Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty - Due 8/13/06 - Shannen will intervene in toxic relationships and decide if a breakup is necessary.

49. One Week to Save Your Marriage - Due 7/31/06 -- A doctor helps stir intimacy back into broken marriages.
50. Are You Finally Ready to Quit Smoking? - Date TBA -- Three couples will be assisted over thirty days as they attempt to quit smoking and prepare to move into a new stage in their life.
51. The Chorus - Due Fall 2006 - A notable choirmaster attempts to turn an unlikely group of Bostonian children into a talented chorus to perform at the International Choral Festival.
52. Family Vacations - Due Fall 2006 or early 2007 - Adults will recreate family trips they had taken as children.
53. The Messengers - Date TBA - A competition among motivational speakers.
54. The Monastery - Date TBA - Ordinary young men try out life in a monastery for 40 days.

Court TV
55. Beach Patrol - Due 7/10/06 - Lifeguards of the Miami Beach Ocean Rescue Team work to keep the beaches safe.
56. Bounty Girls - Due Fall 2006 - Southern California female bounty hunters search out criminals.
57. Suburban Secrets­ - Due 3Q06 - See what happens when small communities experience headline news scandals on their own turf.
58. Call 911 - Date TBA - The series reconstructs past 911 calls.
59. Divorce Story - Date TBA - Follows divorcing couples as they go through binding arbitration process to resolve their conflicts.

60. Everest: No Experience Necessary - Date TBA - Ordinary people make the climb of their life.
61. Last Seen Alive - Due Fall/Winter 2006 - Investigates whether any foul play occurs during actual missing persons cases.
62. Ultimate Survival - Due Winter 2006 - Former Special Forces agent Bear Grylls relives extraordinary human survival stories.

BBC America
63. Master Chef at Large - Date TBA - Starting with 96 contestants, whittles to four finalists in high stakes competition serving for banquets up to 600 people.
64. Everything Must Go - Date TBA - Two hosts help families clear out their possessions and sell them for a decent price.

65. Save Us from Our House - Due 8/4/06 - Roommates/spouses/families with problems at home are aided by a therapist and an interior designer to fix the relationship while readjust the living space to create a healthy living environment.
66. Hidden Potential - Due 10/8/06 - Families are presented with three rundown houses, after the show presents digital images of what the houses could look like, the families must choose which they pick to be their dream house.
67. Over Your Head - Due 11/4/06 - Homeowners, their neighbors and friends are interviewed about what went wrong in their home improvement makeover. New plans are created and a team of experts come in, along with the culprits who did the job wrong in the first place, to correct the mess.

68. Election - Due Fall 2006 - James Carville and Mary Matalin help high school students campaign for their school elections.
69. Off the Leash - Due Fall 2006 - Showcases how animals are placed into stardom.

70. DMX: Soul of a Man - Due Summer/Fall 2006 - Investigates the troubled rapper’s life.
71. Iron Ring - Due Summer/Fall 2006 - Celebrities in martial arts fights.
72. Riders - Due Fall 2006 - A cross-country driving contest with celebrities, prizes awarded to celebrities chosen charity.
73. Next Level: Vince Young - Date TBA - College football star enters the NFL this upcoming season.
74. Star Time: Keyshia Cole - Date TBA - Profiles up and coming singer Keyshia Cole.
75. The Black Carpet - Date TBA - Behind the scenes view at important events.

Playboy Channel
76. Foursome - Due 7/8/06 - Follows couples around for 24 hours encouraging hookups.

Animal Planet
77. Unearthed - Due Early 2007 - Competition for the next great wildlife filmmaker.

Food Network
78. Throwdown With Bobby Flay - Due 7/13/06 - In each episode, Bobby surprises a chef and challenges him or her to a culinary "throw down," cooking their specialty on their turf.
79. The All-Star Food Network Challenge - Due Fall 2006 - Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay team up against Mario Batali and Giada De Laurentis.

80. Boys’ Night Out - Due Q406 - Shows what men don’t want others to see during a men’s night out on the town.
81. The Comeback - Due 8/17/06 - Guests who were booted off fighting shows are another chance.
82. Wide World of Spike - Due late 2006 - Two men try to reenact videos they’ve seen online.

Other Shows In The Works (No Networks Attached Yet)
83. Donald Trump and RJ Cutler pitching a Monopoly reality show this week to the networks.
84. Ford is pitching around a show in which contestants will work with the Ford designers to develop new cars, including a chance to develop a contestant’s dream car.
85. Elvira wants to retire and is looking for a replacement via a reality show. The producers want to do some taping in Transylvania.
86. Osama Bin Laden’s niece Wafah Dufour signed on with an agency to put together a reality series following her attempt to break into the music industry as a singer/musician.
87. Sarah Ferguson is set to host a reality diet show as she moves into the homes of overweight families aiding them in reaching their goals of weight loss.
88. New Line Television is filming a pilot where two wedding singers compete at actual weddings and the wedding guests decide who wins.
89. Sabotage, hoping to air 2007, is casting for a pilot in which ten teams compete for money. One member on the team is unknowingly out to have the money for themselves. Very similar to "The Mole."
90. Porn peddler David Hans Schmidt who has brought us many of the most controversial celebrity sex photos and videos is pitching a show about his sordid business called The Sultan of Sleaze.
91. Untitled Terrell Owens Project - Date TBA - Follows controversial NFL star Terrell Owens.

And only three of them sound like I'd watch them.
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